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Article of Het Nieuwsblad today (no need for a scan, it's all on the web):

Van Aert's Trainer: "Wout en Mathieu rijden elkaar kapot"

(It's hard to translate though Germanic people can easily guess what it says: according to Van Aert's trainer, Wout and Mathieu are racing each other to broke. If anyone has a better translation?  :D)

You remember the article I shared on October 30 in which Marc Lamberts - Wout's coach - feared Wout was racing way too much for his age.

Now he sees Wout's knee injury as an alarm sign.
40 crosses a season is too much for a 22 year old guy

Is it a coindicence that both Mathieu and Wout have both already laid on surgeon Toon Claes' table? No says Marc Lamberts.
Wout now has problem with a knee and Mathieu has twice undergone surgery. His sugery has improved now but well similar. They rode each cross from lap one at high intensity. They both compel each other to race every cross "à bloc" [in French, in the text] by systematically accepting another duel.

After this season Lamberts will meet with Van Aert and the management of Crelan-Verandas Willems for the 2017/18 and will plead for less crosses.

Wout is a tall muscular guy but he's only just 22. 40 crosses are too much. Sven Nys also raced such seasons but only in his thirties. Now that Wout is World Champion for the second time in a row, every race organiser will want to have him at the start but I'm an effort physiologist and then my honest advice sounds: "Limit your season to 30 crosses."

Spanish Newspaper Accusations are Laughable

The Spanish newspaper AS posted a short video clip on their website. Thereon it seems like Wout's wheel seems to accelerate after slipping. According to the newspaper it's immediately sufficient to accuse the World Champion of mechanical fraud[1], something they had already done.

Jan Verstraeten from Veranda's Willems:
Laughable. On a sloping side Wout slips away. In order to stay upright Wout moves his body weight and that's how the wheel is turning again. I don't see anything illogical to that clip. Anyone who doubts about it may break his bike to pieces. Then perhaps mechanical cheating allegations may stop.

The first accusation dates back from Fiuggi:

I don't know whether they had been discussed about in the hidden motor thread but I'm just discovering them. Excuse my ignorance.  ;)
 1. by the way I don't like the phrase "mechanical doping". It suggests that every form of cheating in cycling are doping because doping seems so inherent to cycling
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