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Sven Nys Cycling Center - Tremelo-Baal
« on: June 30, 2016, 16:13 »
Last Tuesday, Sven Nys inaugurated the Sven Nys Cycling Center in his own Baal (part of Tremelo), a huge "experience centre" to promote offroad cycling : cyclocross & mountainbike of course but also BMX and trial. It partly crosses the course of the cyclocross of Baal of January 1 (so around the Balenberg). He wanted it to be more than just a museum but an "experience centre" but you have some interesting visits to make like a mobile home in which cyclocrossers prepare their races.

Sven Nys however gave his share of the project to Golazo Sports a few weeks ago:

I have the feeling that Golazo is really expanding to a great level now but I'm perhaps not really well informed. They already organise most cyclocrosses: Namur, Leuven, the whole B-Post Bank Trophy, etc. They have several track & field events (Van Damme Memorial in Brussel), gymnastics, triathlons, road cycling (Eneco), some Sixes, etc. They were busy managing several Belgian athletes (Nys himself, Kim Clijsters or Tia Hellebaut). For those who think that ASO can have a monopoly over road cycling, what about Golazo Sports?

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