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New Article about the Landuyt (Museeuw) Affair
« on: August 14, 2016, 22:52 »
It comes from Last Friday's Krant van West-Vlaanderen

Contentious Veterinary Surgeon José Landuyt About “Sliced Bread” and “Wasps”

During the Waregemse Koerse veterinary surgeon Jose Landuyt of Oostrozebeke explained to Krant van West Vlaanderen how doping – among which Aranesp, an improved form of EPO – were delivered to seven riders among whom pros Johan Museeuw, Chris Peers, Jo Planckaert and Mario De Clercq under the code names ‘sliced bread’ and ‘wasps’. The vet hoped to go freely but is still punished.

The doping scandal around José Landuyt (now 62) broke out in September 2003. During some investigation on a hormone trade in horse and pigeon racing, detectives stumbled on a heavy sms exchange between the vet and mentioned riders. In the summer months that their phones were bugged, Museeuw phoned Landuyt 202 times and De Clercq 153. “Or two or three times a day” said the public prosecutor later at the trial.
It shows that doping use was not occasional but systematic.

The riders ordered doping from the vet via soigneur H.V. and go-between F.W. Landuyt imported the – in our country – prohibited substances from a German pharmacy. House searches brought to light that riders owned EPO at home. The authorities took a diary at cyclocross champion Mario De Clercq’s home in which the rider kept track of which training he did, what his performances thereof were, which doping substances he swallowed and in what way his performances were improved. Planckaert and Peers pretended their noses were bleeding. Both suggested that the pregnancy hormone that was found in their home was meant for their wives.

Press Leaks

On December 16 2008 the court of Kortrijk sentenced José Landuyt to a conditional one-year detention, a €15,000 fine, 2,500 of it being effective. H.V. got the same sentence and of the €15,000 fine he had to effectively pay €500. F.W. received a €15,000 fine, 1,250 of which were effective. For the riders, the judge swept all brought up arguments from the table and sentenced them to conditional detention, fines and thousands of euros law costs besides their disciplinary sentences. The four top riders all got 10 month detention and a €15,000 fine of which 2,500 effective. Three other lesser known riders were both sentenced to six months conditional detention and a €15,000 fine, 1,250 of which being effective.

Jef Lievens, Museeuw’s lawyer, acknowledged that the case is “not the most glorious page” of the World Champion’s career. “But it’s just a footnote.” [!!!] Lievens asked for acquittal because his client had already been disciplinary punished. Jef Vermassen, José Landuyt’s advisor, heatedly pleaded that the veterinarian had been sufficiently punished by abundant media coverage. He also asked for an acquittal by principle due to the numerous “press leaks”. According to his lawyer Landuyt has gained nothing from doping fraud but his weakness is that he was honoured when voluntaries from cycling asked him for advice.

From 2000 on my client has advised a lot of riders to switch to homeopathy. Hence he saved a lot of people

Only the vet and two former riders appealed the call. The Ghent Appeal Court confirmed Landuyt’s sentence but acquitted one of the lesser known riders for lack of evidence. It’s B.D. who initially got a conditional six months. The third accused O.P. got the favour of suspension [??]. In July 2014 José Landuyt still landed in a cell for doping sport horses in France. According to his lawyer Landuyt only bought human products which can be delivered to animals under certain circumstances. Landuyt left the prison of Bruges after three months.
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