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Re: The Mathieu Van der Poel Appreciation Thread
« on: May 30, 2017, 12:37 »
Mathieu Van der Poel comes second to Schurter in Albstadt. Apparently he put all his opponents under pressure right from the start and only Schurter could keep up. He crashed in the 4th lap and thereby had to let Schurter go away and Fluckiger passed him. Only Fluckiger crashed into a tree as well and so Mathieu got back his 2nd place but never managed to make up for the 30" that separated him from Schurter.

He rode well, of that there is no question ... but Schurter was well and truly in control throughout.

The tumble didn't help, but he had already started to lose some ground when Schurter put the hammer down a bit (main attack came a couple of laps later) - which may have been what caused the tumble, as it happened towards the bottom of a smooth, sweeping descent (which points to a lack of track focus or pushing far too hard).

It is clear watching the race that VdP is a cross rider - in that he has a different sort of strength and fitness than the MTB riders have ... and doesn't have the same stamina across 90+min of racing.
Gives rise again to the age old debate of whether riding MTB, road or just training for cross over summer is the best thing for these guys - especially given how manufactured and road like the XC race tracks have now become ....
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