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Re: Team Aqua Blue News
« on: October 05, 2016, 19:07 »
That's a very interesting interview.

Taking Delaney's statements at face value, and taking into account that they've already signed Nordhaug, it appears that they are aiming to start out at a much higher level in terms of rider quality than I had anticipated. Delaney mentions signing "I think, another five" riders from the WT to add to Brammeier and Nordhaug. That's a lot of quality in a brand new 16 man squad, even taking into account the information from other statements that indicates that only 10 riders are actually signed and they are in negotiations to fill the other 6 slots.

I had expected a team mostly composed of Irish Conti riders and young prospects, with just a sprinkling of more experienced riders. ie I'd expected them to be an Irish version of One Pro Cycling. The indications are that they are instead planning to have a core of riders who are either straight from the WT or already ready for the WT, with a smaller number of prospects and riders coming up from the Continental level.

Assuming this is all true, I would guess that there are two explanations. First they are talking as if they have quite a lot of money by the shoestring standards of PCT teams. And secondly, they aren't coming up from the Continental ranks and so don't have a whole load of legacy riders who they might think deserve a shot at a pro contract.

On the "very good climber" part, it's not at all obvious who is being talked about.
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