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I see your point, it depends on how you define small group - in my head, it is only clearly different from the peloton/gruppe compacto  which would be the big group, main group etc -. Even if it is a reduced peloton ?!??  (Not even entirely clear in my own head, this...)

And as far as small group means everyone has to work for themselves for a long distance, if you take that to the extreme you don´t get to Sunday, you can only come to Saturday, at which point a kind voice will explain to you in Dutch that your definition of a small group in the extreme leads to a 100 km solo win.  :D
Another difference between Doha and Yorkshire is that in Doha, they just drilled it in the crosswinds and gaps opened. That front group didn't attack from the peloton as such, they split the peloton through a sustained group effort - and then kept the move going.
In Yorkshire, all the riders ahead of the peloton had made an attack at some point to go ahead of the bunch.

That's the main criterion I'm using - on Sunday, there was group 1, group 2 (and group 3 for a short while); in Qatar, I would have called them peloton 1, peloton 2 etc.

Of course, groups of attackers can also become rather large: In some Grand Tour breakaway stages, you can have 30 riders in the breakaway. But again, they all attacked from the peloton.

When does a small group become a large group? On Sunday, we had a short time with a front group of four and a chasing group of four. Had those two groups merged to a group of eight, that would get close to being a large group.
4-6 riders will normally be able to agree to work together - the larger a group becomes, the more tempting it will be for riders to skip turns. When that happens, it's definitely not a small group anymore (or the rider is just a dick). There is no absolute number, just a grey area.
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