Which "fall from grace" (WT->Conti) rider should we go for?

PAULINHO Sergio Miguel Moreira   25
RUIJGH Rob   21
RUJANO GUILLEN Jose Humberto   11
BOUCHER David   8
ROE Timothy   7
VORGANOV Eduard   6
SILVESTRE Fabio Andre Tomas   1
DE MAAR Marc   0
BELTRAN SUAREZ Edward Alexander   0

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Re: Collective CQ team 2017
« Reply #60 on: November 28, 2016, 07:50 »
Number rider type picker
#1 GC rider    Flo
#2 Young GC rider   Carlo
#3 Cobbles rider   T-72
#4 Young cobbles ride   CJ
#5 Sprinter   Midge
#6 Young Sprinter   Tom
#7 The Random Russian   DJW
#8 ITT specialist   LID
#9 Young ITT specialist   Armchair
#10 The Italian 1 day specialist   Fus
#11 Coupe de france specialist   Joel
#12 Americas specialist   Havy
#13 The One Trick Pony   Search
#14 The Colombian Climber   Josedin
#15 The Drugs Cheat (has served a ban)   Archie
#16 The CX-er   Leadbelly
#17 The Trackie    Flo
#18 The domestique   Carlo
#19 The Glue Factory One   T-72
#20 The African   CJ
#21 The Sponsors Pick (an East Asian)   Midge
#22 The Injured One   Tom
#23 The Sex Symbol    DJW
#24 The Dane   LID
#25 Team Mascot   Armchair
#26 The Clown aka funny rider   Fus
#27 The Climber   Joel
#28 The fall from Grace rider WT -> Conti   Havy
#29 "Had One Good Season A Few Years Ago And Is Bound To Have Another One Soon"?   Search
#30 The Next Big Thing™   H
#31 The Non-Traditional Cycling Nation One   Josedin
#32 The less famous brother   Archie
#33 The Zero point rider   Leadbelly
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