Which "fall from grace" (WT->Conti) rider should we go for?

PAULINHO Sergio Miguel Moreira   25
RUIJGH Rob   21
RUJANO GUILLEN Jose Humberto   11
BOUCHER David   8
ROE Timothy   7
VORGANOV Eduard   6
SILVESTRE Fabio Andre Tomas   1
DE MAAR Marc   0
BELTRAN SUAREZ Edward Alexander   0

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Re: Collective CQ team 2017
« Reply #60 on: November 28, 2016, 14:17 »
Young cobbles rider? I'm going to upset a lot of people if I get that pick wrong
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What are we saying "young" means? Under-23? Under-25  #white?

And remind me - what's the points limit?

I've been wondering this as when I saw what category I had I thought it would probably be Under 23 for a young rider but if I can have up to 25 it brings in a lot more riders.
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