Which "fall from grace" (WT->Conti) rider should we go for?

PAULINHO Sergio Miguel Moreira   25
RUIJGH Rob   21
RUJANO GUILLEN Jose Humberto   11
BOUCHER David   8
ROE Timothy   7
VORGANOV Eduard   6
SILVESTRE Fabio Andre Tomas   1
DE MAAR Marc   0
BELTRAN SUAREZ Edward Alexander   0

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Re: Collective CQ team 2017
« Reply #210 on: December 04, 2016, 07:52 »
I guess so Del

I got this from Armchair
I'll be away at the weekend, and will probably have little chance to be online, so rather than cause another delay, I'll give you my pick for slot 25.

I'm not dead sure whether team mascot is meant to be a mascot for our submission, or a rider who might be something of a pet in his pro team.  I have no idea what the former might comprise, so I'll go for a protégée of the rider who was the founding father of the team, whose arrival has been in the offing for years: Owain Doull (7 points).  I was surprised he wasn't nominated as the trackie, but that leaves him a an easy pick for me. I'm fairly confident that he won't be named in another category in the interim*: if he is, I might need to plead for a little extra time.

* I'm no judge of such matters: could this put him in the running for slot 23?

So Del LID still your pick but I went early for AC as it will be hours until I am online.

Can someone do the update

Have a nice 2nd Advent folks  :)
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