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It's true.

According to the same Monsalve in an exclusive interview for "CiclismoTotal", the decision is taken, and the main reason is that it must be presented in the coming days in China, to fulfill sporting commitments with the Qinghai Cycling Team, his international team, with the which will face in the coming days a couple of races that will end the Asian calendar.

"The passage to China is already bought and it does not give me a chance to be in the Vuelta a Venezuela until the end. I made all the arrangements with the Qinghai team but I could not do anything, the specific problem is in the tickets and air connections, which can no longer be postponed . "

The Barinese runner explained that the fault of this unfortunate fact is directly the Venezuelan Federation of Cycling, which by its disorganization, had the national turn in we will see until the last minute, and produced all this improvisation that entailed to not change the tickets on time.

"Any serious race must be confirmed at least three months in advance; maximum, one month in advance, for one so organized, but it is not possible that these people (FVC), is until the last moment that if I do or do not the Vuelta. But well, unfortunately that is the reality in which we live."
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