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Re: Smaller Race Results and Discussion 2017
« on: April 07, 2017, 21:45 »
...but only with some help.


Can't be entirely the moto's fault though Rui, you should have checked the road book too!


Small gap, but all given the same time.

Right...I need to post one more skiing related video then, because the skills lacking in the peloton (finding your way through a critical sequence of turns) is one of the core aspects of alpine skiing.

Learn to visualize and memorize the course from the best :) In this video, Kjetil Jansrud tells you how to race the Kvitfjell downhill. (at about 1 min) As the world cup winner in Super G several years he is probably the best in the world to visualize and memorize how to race a course. In the Super G there are no training runs, but you get to take a look at the course before you start.

Not only can he recall the sequence, he gets the timing too (2 secs of his own finish time, ~2mins). This is a skill is transferable to cycling and especially sprinters would do well to practice some alpine skiing.  I don't know if #joker Hoelgaard has (I do know that the third Hoelgaard brother, Stian,  is a skier at national level, but he does cross country.

Chapeu #joker!

(note somewhere there is a better video focusing only on this but I cannot find it on the web)
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