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Re: Q&A: Paul Voß
« on: January 10, 2017, 20:55 »
I guess it is hard to ignore the Pink Elephant, Doping . As a rider of the new generation, how do fans of the old generation get to a point where they can believe that there has been change of real value re PEDs. The you can trust line doesn´t hold much weight, climbing times are still getting faster, ITT times etc. What do you believe the Peloton could do to regain trust of the fans?

I have always though Bike power info and ABP testing results being public would do a lot, but many pro cyclists don´t even have ride info posted on Strava, why do you think riders arn´t more open with information?

As an extension of this question in some ways what has it been like to have been let down by team mates who have doped? I mean like Roy Sentjens being kicked of the Vuelta while you were at Milram and even though it was revealed when you were riding for different teams how did it feel to learn that Jon Tiernan-Lockes success while you were both riding for Endura wasn't legit?
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