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Re: Q&A: Paul Voß
« on: January 23, 2017, 09:41 »
In May Ralph told me, that he would like to give me a new 2-year contract. So obviously thought I would be safe after the first days at the Tour. Unfortunately we never came to the point where we actually started talking about a contract. Until now I don’t know why. I never had an offer of a team, so there was nothing to choose from. To go to a Conti team was just an option with a team I would have trust in. Unfortunately that also never happened. Already once I made the step down to a Conti team, but now I didn’t had the feeling it would have been the right thing. I did all the big races and than suddenly doing smaller races again would have been tough. Also I had my limit salary wise. I didn’t want to sell myself as a bargain.
Sounds like Voß[1] was one of the riders that had to make room for Sagan & entourage. And that after being as much as promised a new contract ... doesn't make Denk look good. :(
 1. or Voss; I'm never quite sure how to spell it. Under current spelling rules, it would be Voss, as the O is a short vowel, but I guess family names are 'grandfathered' from that rule
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