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Re: The Italian Spring (Costa degli Etruschi)
« on: January 27, 2017, 16:22 »
For instance, unimportant details such as which teams will race ...? :lol

#nippo Marco Canola said that he wants to win, so I guess Nippo will be around ;)

The only thing the organizers have published so far is this:



It 'was the Teatro Roma of Castagneto Carducci to christen this afternoon, the twenty-second edition of the Gran Premio Costa degli Etruschi, classical early-season that will run from San Vincenzo and Donoratico arrival in the next 5 February.

The presentation of the race organized by Gruppo Sportivo Emilia with the collaboration of the municipalities of Castagneto Carducci and San Vincenzo and ASD Etruscan Coast was attended, among others, the multiple winner of the Tuscan race, Alessandro Petacchi, the Castagneto Carducci and administrators San Vincenzo with Sandra mayors and Scarpellini Alessandro Bandini, in addition to the presidents of the GS Emilia and ASD Etruscan Coast, Adriano Friends and Nicholas Mele and to the Head of Planning of the Cooperative Credit Bank of Castagneto Carducci, Stefano Belmonte and the representatives of 'You can Association, Riccardo Cavallini and Simone Spina.

As tradition dictates the race will see all the preparations, including the presentation of the team to sign the sheet, on the spectacular terrace overlooking the port of San Vincenzo.

After the start unofficially the caravan will move to the so-called zero kilometer was before the resort Riva degli Etruschi from where the race will officially start.

As always the initial stages of the race will take the caravan to face a flat stretch skirting some of the main centers of the coast and not only among them Fiorentino, Rio Torto, Bandinello and Venturina.

It is a kind of prelude to those which will be the first roughness of the day. Shortly after, in fact the riders will tackle the first climb, one that will lead them to Campiglia at the end of a 4 km asperity with averages of 5.6% gradient. After the descent it will reach San Vincenzo and then Donoratico for a first pass the finish line, at km 58.5, where the race will enter a very spectacular part characterized by three circuits.

The first, that of St. guido and Bolgheri, 24.3 km on a short stretch that athletes will face three times, then the second of 10.3 kilometers completely flat to be done twice which will be the prelude to the grand finale.
The last 40 kilometers it will develop along the two rounds with Segalari tower climb: 2km and 900 meters with an average gradient of 9% and maximum of 11.

The race, opening round of the Italian calendar, will also be valid for the award of the Grand Prix of the Cooperative Credit Bank of Castagneto Carducci.
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