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Re: The Italian Spring (Trofeo Laigueglia)
« on: February 09, 2017, 20:55 »
- To determine the team classification, points are given to the first three riders of each team according to the following criteria: 1 point for the winner, 2 for the runner-up etc. The teams are classified according to the rising order of points obtained. The points are assigned on the base of the final classification. In case of equality of points in one race the teams are classified by the placing obtained by their best rider.[/i]

So far, so good. Ulissi gets 1 point, Belletti 2, Gavazzi 3, and so on.

I stopped there, as it didn't quite make sense to me that the rider placed 1st gets less points than the one in 2nd, even if it's only in one of the different criterias. But well...
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