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2017 Coupe de France
« on: January 30, 2017, 15:57 »
*fr 2017 Coupe de France de cyclisme sur route *fr

With the running of GP La Marseilles yesterday, it is time for the annual post on that bedrock of French cycling. Ah oui mesdames et messieurs, je vous présente La Coupe de France 2017.

Usually the phrase 'season long narrative' makes me very cross, especially when it is being shoe-horned into somewhere where it makes no sense whatsoever. However, this is not the case for the Coupe de France. A national competition to find the best individual, best young rider and best team over a series of one day races throughout the season works extremely well and makes absolute sense.

Individual and Young Rider
2016 was the first edition where ALL riders in the race were eligible to score points for the individual best rider and best young rider competition, and as far as I am aware this will be the same for 2017.

Points are awarded as follows:

Team Competition
The team competition remains an entirely French affair. It's a little more complicated and so this is from Wikipedia...
Each race, the positions of the first three riders of each French team are added to give the team position. The team with the lowest team position is the winner of the team competition for that race. E.g.: a team having their first three riders all on the podium will have a team position score of 1+2+3=6 and since no other team will have a lower team position, this team will win 12 points for the team standings. Note that only French teams can score points.

Points are awarded as follows:

Quick recap from 2016
The series turned out to be a close fight between two times winner Ag2r's Samuel Dumoulin and Belgian sprinter Baptiste Planckaert (Wallonie-Bruxelles), with both riders separated by just one point before the final race at  Tour de Vendée. Dumoulin finished ahead of Planckaert in the to secure his third overall win. Best young rider was Bryan Coquard, and best team went to HP BTP–Auber93. All the results and final standings can be found here.

Here's a super little visual roundup. Come on! Who doesn't enjoy a bit of Timberlake with their French cycling[1]?

And of course there is the traditional PMU awards night at the hippodrome, where for once Samuel Dumoulin is not the shortest man in the room  :lol

Coupe de France calendar 2017
Round Date Race Won by Leader Best team
#1 29 Jan GP La Marseillaise #fdj *fr Arthur Vichot #fdj *fr Vichot #ag2r AG2R La Mondiale
#2 18 Mar Classic Loire Atlantique
#3 19 Mar Cholet-Pays-de-Loire
#4 31 Mar Route Adélie
#5 2 Apr Roue Tourangelle
#6 11 Apr Paris-Camembert
#7 13 Apr GP de Denain
#8 15 Apr Tour du Finistère
#9 17 April Tro Bro Leon
#10 27 May GP de Plumelec-Morbihan
#11 28 May Boucles de l'Aulne
#12 30 Jul Polynormande
#13 3 Sep GP de Fourmies
#14 10 Sep Tour du Doubs
#15 17 Sep GP d'Isbergues
#16 1 Oct Tour de Vendée

I'll try and keep this table updated as the season gets going.

Ligue Nationale de Cyclisme (LNC) Coupe de France web page here
 1. answers on a postcard please
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    Re: 2017 Coupe de France
    « Reply #1 on: January 31, 2017, 12:33 »
    I'll try and keep this table updated as the season gets going.
    Fixed the non-appearing *fr & #fdj for you. :)
    Those smileys don't like to directly follow a comma, so make sure to leave a space in front of them. ;)
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    Re: 2017 Coupe de France
    « Reply #2 on: February 07, 2017, 10:41 »
    The higlights show was presented by Marion Rousse so all good as far as I am concerned.

    That football invading the sprint was a little un-nerving though.
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