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Re: 2017 Coupe de France - La Roue Tourangelle
« on: April 02, 2017, 00:40 »
Hot on the heels of Round 3 we have Round 4 - this one has the even shorter straw of being on the same day as De Ronde...
Here's a quick rundown

La Roue Tourangelle 1.1
Ste-Maure-de_Touraine to Tours, 200km
Round Four Coupe De France
Sun 2nd April

The race has moved to the beginning of April rather than at the end. Last year it marked the first win of the season by  #ag2r Samuel Dumoulin after a injury marred start. He got away with Olivier Pardini (Wallonie) and Julien Duval (Armee) and beat them in the three up sprint.

Parcours 2017
The actual route varies from year to year, but the race ALWAYS finishes in Tours. There are no loops or multiple laps of the same circuit, it's one 200km point to point race over some lumpy territory- think mini Paris-Tours. 

From preview via Google translate
This year, the riders traverse 200 km, leading it from the new startby Ste-Maure-de-Touraine to the French metropolis. The real start walking in the nearby town Pouzzay and from there back down to one 114 km long circular route that takes them through the area south of the city and back to Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine. Along the way you must climb no less than 12 small increases, but none of it is longer than 1 km, and there are small hills. Comes after the first 11 km and then follows the smoothly advantage with the latter by 101 km.
After the passage of the start town goes first to the north, next to the west and eventually to the northwest up to the Lignieres-de-Touraine, reached after 163 km. This piece includes a total of six small hills, including two with a length of 1200 m. From there it will head Tours, and the rest of the race follow mostly the main road to the northeast. Along the way to make, however, a few detours, which means that in all, over seven smaller increases. They come with respectively 35, 33, 27, 25, 19, 14 and 10 km to the goal. The last one is the 600-meter Cote L'Epan known from the finals of Paris-Tours. Then it goes through flat terrain in Tours where one ends the race with the back put a game on a flat 4 km long circular route. It contains quite a lot of wine, including two in the final kilometer. The last coming just 600 meters from the line.
Compared to last year's route is the first whole redesigned, but there is the same inlet to Tours, where the final lap is extended and modified. Overall, the route being slightly harder.


Despite the climbs, in the last four years (since it became 1.1) this race has come down to a battle between the fast men with wins for  #fdj Mickael Delage (2013) and  #fdj Lorrenzo Manzin (2015). But it also gives opportunities for late breaks and solo attacks.

Start List

confirmed line up...

Podium Chances

If it goes down to a big bunch sprint...
#cofidis Nacer Bouhanni / Clem Venturini #fdj Davide Cimolai / Lorrenzo Manzin #direct Thomas Boudat  #fortuneo Dan McLay #armee Yannis Yssaid  #ag2r Sondre Holst Enger (not been on stellar form after illness)

Looking to cheat the bunch...
 #ag2r Samuel Dumoulin  #fdj David Gaudu  #direct Jonathan Hivert  #fortuneo Florian Vachon

Social Media

French Eurosport show it
Direct Velo will have a live ticker

Bonus Madiots
The 14th Edition of the The Trophée Madiot

La Nouvelle Republique
There are names that speak in the bicycle. Madiot is one of them. Even for young cyclists who were not born when Marc and Yvon Madiot pinned their last bib.

The Madiot Trophy, 14 th edition, addresses cadets and its success is growing year by year. Each of its sleeves, there are seven to eight per year, gathers 140 to 160 runners. Sunday in Lignières-de-Touraine, for the first foray of the Trophy in Touraine, they will be 180. All records are beaten. Never in the department a cadet race, it is certain, has collected so many committed.
The race is a prologue to the Roue Tourangelle. The cadets use the same circuit as the pros, from Lignières to Tours, for 36 km. After the first pass on the finish line, they will have six laps of the final circuit to be performed; Total distance 56 km. The reputation of the Madiot Trophy has spread far from its Mayennial roots.
Sunday, at the start, You will find runners from all over France, Languedoc, Picardy, North, Brittany, Normandy, Limousin, really from everywhere. Names are of interest: Kenny and Enzo Casper of AC Montdidier, Louka Pagnier of Argenteuil Val de Seine 95, second of the Madiot Trophy last year and three victories in 2017, and Hugo Page of ES Auneau. A super tough Hugo Page, of ascendancy Tourangelle: five races in 2017, five wins, one last Sunday with eight minutes ahead. Last year and three victories in 2017, and Hugo Page from ES Auneau. A super tough Hugo Page, of ascendancy Tourangelle: five races in 2017, five wins, one last Sunday with eight minutes ahead. Last year and three victories in 2017, and Hugo Page from ES Auneau. A super tough Hugo Page, of ascendancy Tourangelle: five races in 2017, five wins, one last Sunday with eight minutes ahead.
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