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Downhill speed record
« on: February 10, 2017, 00:48 »
It's a tiny story, but it is a record.

You know what got my attention? Over 100 miles per hour. I've taken a couple of cars over 100. And one motorcycle. Speeds like that are a whole new realm of existence for mere mortals. In the right cars, it is effortless. For a motorcycle, it isn't but somewhat different.

Like my '63 TR4 - stock max speed was listed at 104, and that was about right. And when you got up there in the 90's, it started feeling just a little squirrely. But a Porsche? No problem. Except things start happening very fast. I've taken my Camry up in the 90's - and it's fine in the lower 90's, but starts to feel questionable as I push it higher.

I took a BMW 75/5 up in that range - like the TR4, underpowered for that speed. And the handling began to get - questionable. I was not inspired with confidence.

So, to take a bicycle over 100 mph, on a non-paved surface? The very thought puckers my ass.
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