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something from Belgian and French press:

#wallonie DS Frédéric Amorison says they want to fight for the win today. They are happy with the start of their season in pro conti ranks (2 victories already), especially because their main target are those races later on in the middle of the year. Still, Maxime Vantomme felt great in Het Nieuwsblad but unfortunately crashed at the foot of the Molenberg, and Justin Jules is in amazing shape. Apparently he never trained professionally before - when they raced in France over the past weeks, people asked what the heck had happened to him because he looked as sharp as never before.

[edit: Jules is not on the start list for today though, so that was just a general remark)

The race is still struggling from severe financial problems though, a 180000 EUR budget hole opened up and it will take the race a couple of years to recover from that. The 2016 price money was paid last Friday but the organization was not able to pay last year's the travel costs of the teams. (I'm not quite sure why they would need to though)
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