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Pretty cool race in dreadful weather, impossible to tell who was who by the end.

#wanty Van Keirsbluck attacked ~55km out and was up front for the rest of the race, albeit with different groups of companions.

 #wbva got Pardini and Kirsch into a group along with #wanty Van Keirsbluck #lotto Van der Sande #lotto De Buyst #jumbo Wynants and #quickstep Keisse which was pretty strong.

Kirsch whipped off his black rain jacket and attacked with a fluorescent streak on a miserable day. Only Van der Sande and Van Keirsbluck could follow, VdS cracking shortly after.

Cofidis, Lotto and Quickstep were chasing hard but never caught the front two. A little bit of inexperience from Kirsch perhaps who looked the stronger on the climbs but chapeau to both, a deserved win for GvK. Keisse took third from a chasing group sprint.

#vlaanderen Van Lerberghe finished in 9th which is pretty cool considering he almost crashed into a moto going round a corner then got taken out by an umbrella.
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