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A new cycling spring, a new sound ... a new cycle race.
After 70 years, we have set, the Tower of the Flemish Ardennes was KVC Ichtegem-Sporting to anew challenge and was held on a new course over the baptismal font: Across West Flanders.Our contest gets this year extra shine we had the chance to accede to the Napoleon Games CyclingCup, with live broadcast on the national TV channel VTM.

A tremendous value for our cycling community and our cycling club.With Across West Flanders cycling awakens from hibernation and if a bit of luck trialsWe already something of spring during our high day.This match has therefore been a nice preview, the entrance exam for the upcoming cycling classics.How do you run at it, Ichtegem remains a cycling crazy town.It is always an apotheosis to see the cycling caravan Ichtegem entering.Of course we hope for a West Fleming who can follow up last year's winner Timothy Dupont. our record
is sounding names.Our contest is still a window on West Flanders: the cycling world is watching the matches here driven.

Starting in Newport, passages in Dixmude and Ypres the riders pass many monuments and cemeteries. In Flanders Fields, a tribute to the many victims of war.

Thanks to my passionate directors, participating cities and towns, our loyal sponsors.
I wish you all a magnificent cross by West Flanders !!
Rendezvous in Nieuwpoort and Ichtegem !!!
I watch with my board forward to it !!!!
Rik Goethals President KVC Ichtegem sport


Next stop in the Napoleon Cup Games series of 1 day races  ;)
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  • Of course, if this turns out someday to be the industry standard integrated handlebar-computer-braking solution then I'll eat my kevlar-reinforced aerodynamic hat.

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