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Well we are getting a better idea on form as the Classics go on.

Sagan, GVA and Terpstra all in good shape.  Will be up there at the pointy end

Gilbert will be a contender this year too.

Sep Van Marcke will not be there IMO.  He has failed to stay with the groups at both DDV and E3 - and if you dont have it over 200km, you arent going to when its 260.

Benoot unlucky for Lotto.  Got a mechanical at the wrong time. 

Stuyven too was unlucky in the wheel stakes so a definite maybe ...

Naeson for AG2R been very good over those races

Kristoff was still in the group but didnt look like he was ever going to bridge or do anything much.  Not sure about him really

Degenkolb did try ... PR might be better for him though
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