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I just remember a thread (a long time ago now) that was arguing over which was the best monument - and there was a great line that if Paris Roubaix was the Queen of hte Classics then RvV would have to be King !!!    so I have always thought of it as so  :D

Yes it was on CNF. I argued that Paris-Roubaix was the harder race of the two based on what some riders told me because the cobbles are longer and flat which means that the inter-sections of asphalt are also flat while the Tour of Flanders is made of small hills meaning that afterwards you of necessity have some descents enabling recup. So I argued that Paris-Roubaix was considered the Queen of Classics and it was not just a mere subjective feeling. AK-Zaaf loves the Tour of Flanders more and so he quoted me saying, then Tour of Flanders is King.  :D It doesn't change the fact that Paris-Roubaix is the hardest of all.  ;) After all in medieval Chivalric romance the Queen is above the King, you respect a Queen.  :shy
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  • "Paris-Roubaix is the biggest cycling race in the world, bigger than the Tour de France, bigger than any other bike race" (Sir Bradley Wiggins)


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