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Re: Amstel Gold Race
« on: April 18, 2017, 15:45 »
I thoroughly enjoyed the race. And AG, congrats again, 'your' man certainly found a new spring in his step!

Amstel Gold's reimagined finish might have had a big hand in that, but every Spring race this year has ranged from surpsingly watchable to the down-right epic, so it's probably a combo of a changed route with the spirited 2017 race attitude of (enough of) the riders and teams themselves that has added Amstel Gold to an impressive list of Spring entertainment success stories. I can certainly see how AG(*) can easily become a predictable snoozefest again, if people applied the wait-and-see-and-maybe-somehow-a-miracle-happens-in-the-last-km approaches of the past. Or how the races of the last few years could have been transformed if riders were allowed actual do-or-die attacks from further out.

I am delighted that teams finally seem to attack every race with the sort of entrepreneurial spirit that has been shunned for far too long. And hey, it works AND results in more attractive races, waddayouknow. This is the sort of racing that got me into the sport back in the 1970s, and it's good to see 'what I remembered', real or imagined, back on our screens.

Maybe all that was needed to make racing more attractive wasn't tinkering with formats and exotic sandpit locations, but DSs ripping up those godawful-risk-aversed-playbooks and let road-savy riders actually, you know... race!

You probably need a tipping point of riders who are feeling good and are actually up for giving 'crazy risking it all to win or lose badly' a shot every now and then. We certainly have had a great sprinkling of those riders this Spring. I have been saluting some of the losers as much as the ones who made it onto the top podium step, for giving us 80+k of actual racing, week in week out. 

With one-day racing coming up for the GT break(s), and with the Giro only a couple of weeks away, I am wondering (hoping) that GTs will follow where one-day races have been leading.

And with an impressive roster of GC riders -apparently- keen to avoid Froome in the TdF (rightly or wrongly -this year I think it might actually be wrongly), who knows, maybe this year's Spring miracle will give us an epic GT to crow about too.

But first: even more Classics. Yay!

(*): the race, not the Godess
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