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Either the Mormons don't like cannabis, or Floyd is out of money.
Or something entirely different. :S

I only just read the original blog in its entirety. From that, my humble take on the situation is that Floyd is giving Worthy Brewing the chance to showcase their brand at one of the biggest races the team is likely to be a part of this season.

Worthy Brewing is a presenting sponsor of the team, and Roger Worthington, the man behind the company, is close with Floyd, is a bike racer himself, and directly involved with race promotion. He's also an attorney, and was one of the sponsors behind Team Ouch (which Floyd represented at the Tour of California back in 2009, for those who remember that little stint). The man is heavily involved with the sport of cycling, from many angles, and it appears that this is designed to throw some much-deserved attention his way, and to share the spotlight.

Roger Worthington on a training ride with Floyd Landis, February 12, 2009.

It's odd to change primary sponsors on a race-by-race basis, and I've no idea how that works with licensing, etc, but it's also an interesting approach, as various companies could benefit by the exposure of key events on a selective basis.

As long at the team communicates properly with their fan base throughout, and makes it clear what is happening and why (which they've somewhat failed to do here), it could be a positive approach.

#floyd #floyd #floyd #floyd #floyd #floyd #floyd

(I could be wrong about all this, of course, but I like the narrative I've created here. :P)

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