Who Will Win the TDF

76 (36.7%)
65 (31.4%)
10 (4.8%)
12 (5.8%)
9 (4.3%)
1 (0.5%)
9 (4.3%)
9 (4.3%)
9 (4.3%)
1 (0.5%)
2 (1%)
1 (0.5%)
3 (1.4%)

Total Members Voted: 207

Voting closed: July 01, 2017, 10:32

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Re: The Jersey Contenders
« on: June 21, 2017, 20:20 »
Could be. Not a sure thing, but could be. So, y'all decided to do the stage reviews all at one go this year! Ok then! I started looking at the profiles today, and was looking around to see if I could plug in a couple of stage reviews - but you've got it all done!   :o  :cool[1]

That first week, and into the 2nd week - sprint heaven. A quick run through on the profiles has me wondering if Sagan is going to manage green this year. At the moment, I'm thinking he may not be able to manage it. I'd like to see Cav do it again, but I suspect he won't be winning all that many stages, given his form at TdSuisse. He's doing well, but he isn't stellar, coming back from that Epstein Barr infection. I'd still pick him for one or two stage wins.
 1. After I wrote this I think I found the preview signup page.

We do a big preview every year for the GT we then get people to do 1 or 2 previews of the stages and rest days

You have stage 9 ;)
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