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All our riders started and went quite well with solid performance; however, our leader Ion Izagirre who started as the last of our team, crashed badly in the corner close to the point where Alejandro Valverde (Movistar) had crashed as well. It was a very hard hit into the fence. Izagirre was then immediately transported to the hospital by an ambulance in company with the team doctor Luca Pollastri. The first diagnosis said that Ion Izagirre has an unstable lumbar fracture and he needs a surgical treatment. We will come with further information in the next days.
We are deeply sad that Ion will not continue this year’s Tour de France, where he was meant to be the team leader after the strong performance this season. It is a big loss for Team Bahrain-Merida.

Source: Bahrain-Merida homepage

EDIT: Seeing how many riders went down and how hard they went down on that corner, could ASO have foreseen that this was a highly risky point along the route and added some padding on those fences, maybe used L-fences instead of inverted Y fences and in general, made sure that the most difficult point on the route was a bit less dangerous?
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