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EDIT: Seeing how many riders went down and how hard they went down on that corner, could ASO have foreseen that this was a highly risky point along the route and added some padding on those fences, maybe used L-fences instead of inverted Y fences and in general, made sure that the most difficult point on the route was a bit less dangerous?

I wouldn't think they could have foreseen it - because it seems to me the whole of the danger of that corner was created by the rain conditions. On a fair day, that corner would have been fast. I would not think it possible to predict WHICH corner, of 9, would present the danger on a day like today. On the other hand, they could have taken those safety measures on every one of those 9 corners. Its not like they aren't making money on this.

TT tyres being blamed for a lot of the crashes.
The Jumbo trio were using them as was Nicholas Roche.
You would think that Jumbo would have cottoned on, if not after the first, but the second.

Sh*t, I'd want the grippiest tires I could get on a day like this one.

 . . .Anyhow, Pat Bevin on Valverde corner.....

MV, that looks to me like it was not the same corner - as the barrier banners are different than what I saw when Valverde went down - of course it could just be a bit farther on . . .
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