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Problem with pain in legs
« on: June 30, 2017, 14:55 »
I have problems around my groin area recently. I am cycling on a mountain bike currently until I can afford a road bike. Also I am not wearing padded shirts which could be the problem. I am planning to get them with the road bike. I cycled a 20k two days ago on the mountain bike and since my buttocks and inner thigh is sore when pressed or sitting down on a chair. And after that cycle I could barely walk as my legs felt weak. I feel like I bonked during the cycle as I got all the classic symptoms tunnel vision, extreme tiredness etc. But now I tried cycling again and I found wincing pain in the same region. And now lower legs feels a bit numb. I am only a teen this is hardly sciatica is it? Or if not that what else could it be and how can I cure it?

Sorry that the post is a bit long but thought more details will help.


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    Re: Problem with pain in legs
    « Reply #1 on: June 30, 2017, 15:35 »
    It could just be muscle soreness, but equally could be a muscle strain. Without a proper assessment it's quite hard to tell!

    It does sound like this was the first ride you have had on this bike. Are you sure it's set up properly for you? Did you perhaps ride too hard? It can sometimes take a while to get used to using muscles that have previously been dormant when you start cycling more regularly. If it continues to hurt, I'd visit your doctor or a physio to get an assessment, because you don't want to do yourself damage.

    I'd certainly invest in a pair of padded shorts though -- they will definitely help.
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