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Re: Sibiu Cycling Tour
« on: July 04, 2017, 12:57 »
#ccc CCC Sprandi Polkowice *pl #0711 0711|CYCLING *de
1 Mihaylov, Nikolay *bg 11 Toffali, Nicola *it
2 Białobłocki, Marcin *pl 12 Fußnegger, Moritz *de U23
3 Owsian, Łukasz *pl 13 Mayer, Yannick *de
4 Paterski, Maciej *pl 14 Hugger, Jan *de U23
5 Koch, Jonas *de 15 Engel, Jonas *de U23
6 Ponzi, Simone *it
#uhc UnitedHealthcare *usa #androni Androni-Sidermec-Bottecchia *it
21 Acevedo, Janier *co 31 Bernal Gómez, Egan Arley *co U23
22 Norris, Lachlan *au 32 Gavazzi, Francesco *it
23 Clarke, Jonathan *au 33 Palini, Andrea *it
24 Haedo, Lucas Sebastian *ar 34 Bonusi, Raffaello *it
25 Jaramillo, Daniel *co 35 Spreafico, Matteo *it
26 Alzate, Carlos *co 36 Pacioni, Luca *it
#unieuro Unieuro Trevigiani-Hemus 1896 *bg #damico D´Amico Utensilnord *it
41 Tivani Pérez, Germán Nicolas *ar U23 51 Canuti, Federico *it
42 Mihaylov, Mihail *bg U23 52 Tommassini, Fabio *it
43 Cenghialta, Riccardo *it U23 53 Samparisi, Nicolas *it
44 Vega Merodio, Sergio *es U23 54 Carlini, Ettore *it
45 Viejo Redondo, José Daniel *es U23 55 Raffaele, Angelo *it
46 Siddikov, Dilmurodjon *uz U23 56 Vitiello, Angelo *it U23
#tusnad Tușnad Cycling Team *ro #monkey Monkey Town *nl
61 Ramos, Rubén Gabriel *ar 71 Slik, Ivar *nl
62 Novák, Carol Eduard *ro 72 Blokker, Joris *nl
63 Lezica, Facundo Gabriel *ar 73 van Breda, Rick *nl
64 Velazquez, Hugo Ángel *ar 74 Nolten, Bram *nl
65 László, Péter *ro U23 75 van der Veekens, Mel *nl U23
66 Krasnov, Leonid *ru 76 Meijer, Gijs *nl U23
#gm GM Europa Ovini *it #differdange Team Differdange-Losch *lu
81 Parrinello, Antonino Casimiro *it 91 Donders, Jelle *be
82 Ruscetta, Andrea *it 92 Thill, Tom *lu
83 Canepa, Leonardo *it U23 93 Lovassy, Krisztián *hu
84 Tizza, Marco *it 94 Raileanu, Cristian *md
85 Canepa, Francesco *it U23 95 Reguero Corral, Gabriel *es
86 Pacchiardo, Davide *it 96 Rusnac, Maxim *md U23
#adria Adria Mobil *si #illuminate Team Illuminate *usa
101 Horvat, Žiga *si U23 111 Ávila, Edwin *co
102 Borso, Andrea *it U23 112 Piper, Cameron *usa
103 Grošelj, Žiga *si 113 Pellaud, Simon *ch
104 Katrašnik, Gašper *si U23 114 Easter, Griffin *usa
105 Per, Gorazd *si U23 115 King, Nate *usa
106 Gazvoda, Gregor *si 116 Neagos, Brad *usa
#roskilde Team Giant-Castelli *dk #hurom Team Hurom *pl
121 Norsgaard Jørgensen, Mathias *dk U23 131 Matysiak. Bartłomiej *pl
122 Vorre, Aske *dk 132 Migdał, Wojciech *pl
123 Iversen, Rasmus Byriel *dk U23 133 Tomasiak, Konrad *pl
124 Pedersen, Nicklas Overgaard *dk 134 Franczak, Wojciech *pl
125 Egholm, Jakob *dk U23 135 Warchoł, Bartosz *pl
126 Vinjebo, Emil Nygaard *dk U23 136 Piaskowy, Emanuel *pl
#roth Roth-Akros *ch #duklabb Dukla Banská Bystrica *sk
141 Stüssi, Colin *ch 151 Oros, Samuel *sk U23
142 Thalmann, Roland *ch 152 Tybor, Patrik *sk
143 Reutimann, Matthias *ch U23 153 Bellan, Juraj *sk U23
144 Lüscher, Damian *ch U23 154 Cully, Ján Andrej *sk U23
145 Baillifard, Valentin *ch 155 Haring, Martin *sk
146 Jaun, Lukas *ch 156 Vlčák, Martin *sk U23
#teamro Team Romania *ro #bikeaid Bike Aid *de
161 Grosu, Eduard Michael *ro 171 Kangangi, Suleiman *ke
162 Petrache, Marius Cristian *ro 172 van Engelen, Adne *nl
163 Dima, Emil *ro U23 173 Kipkemboi, Salim *ke U23
164 Pleșea, Valentin *ro 174 Teshome, Meron *et
165 Dobre, Vlad-Nicolae *ro U23 175 Holler, Nikodemus *de
166 Barbu, Leonard *ro U23
#christina Christina Jewelry-KUMA *dk
181 Crista, Daniel *ro
182 Lindberg Mortensen, Mathias *dk
183 Nordkroggaard, Jonas *dk U23
184 Lindquist, Christian Ingemann *dk U23
185 Bønlykke, Marcus *dk
186 Corell, Mads *dk

#ccc CCC Sprandi Polkowice
Last year’s surprise winner Nikolay Mihaylov returns to the race with his CCC Sprandi Pokowice team. The Bulgarian is motivated to defend his title, on his side he will have former Tour of Croatia champion Maciej Paterski – who returns to Sibiu after a two-year absence – Jonas Koch and Łukasz Owsian, part of the team coming first in the team time trial 2014.
The Italian quick man Simone Ponzi who has celebrated podium finishes all over Europe over the past years – among them 1st in the 2014 Trittico Lombardo – is the team’s best bet for potential reduced bunch sprints and with Marcin Białobłocki they bring a true time trial specialist, famous for smashing the 10 and 25 mile records all over the United Kingdom. The 2.3 km Sibiu Tour prologue may be a bit too short and technical for his liking, but he will surely give it a try.

#0711 0711|CYCLING
This team is a mainstay of the race, combining young German riders with foreign talent. Italian Nicola Toffali is a rouleur with a good punch of speed and will try to get placings in the sprints, helped by experienced Yannick Mayer who raced in Sibiu in 2015 and Jonas Engel. Moritz Fußnegger is an attack-minded rider who will surely try to get in a break on the mountain stages; for mid-season transfer Jan Hugger, the Sibiu Cycling Tour is the first UCI race with the team. Part of the German junior national team the last two years, he is only 18 years old and will be allowed to test himself against the competition without pressure.

#uhc UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team
The Pro Continental Team from the United States is a newcomer to the Sibiu Tour, but surely not one without ambitions. 2013 America Tour champion Janier Acevedo, best known for flying up the mountains in his World Tour years with the Garmin squad, is definitely a strong contender. Captain of the team is his fellow Colombian team mate Daniel Jaramillo though, who combines climbing abilities with a strong uphill sprint. Just a couple of days ago he proved his good shape by winning the Tour de Hongrie.
Also Tour of Utah stage winner Lachlan Norris is good on all terrains and definitely a rider not to underestimate, same as the experienced all-rounders Jonathan Clarke and Carlos Alzate. Lucas Sebastian Haedo is the team’s option for the sprint finishes, already looking back on a successful career with Team Saxo Bank and several top sprint placings all over the world.

#androni Androni - Sidermec - Bottecchia
Gianni Savio’s Italian Pro Continental Team has celebrated four stage wins over the past two years in Sibiu, but is yet to take the top step on the race podium. This may change in 2017.
With Egan Bernal from Colombia they have lined up one of the most promising young climbers in the cycling scene, and backed up by Francesco Gavazzi, second in the Sibiu Cycling Tour last year, the duo should have a good chance to fight for the overall victory.
On that quest they can count on the support from Raffaello Bonusi, Mattea Spreafico and Luca Pacioni, while Andrea Palini will have an eye on the sprint stages.

#unieuro Unieuro Trevigiani - Hemus 1896
Last year the Unieuro team came to Sibiu with the defending champion Mauro Finetto and high hopes for strong results. This year, only one of the riders in their line-up is not in his first year with the team, and neither of them is older than 21.
Their youth certainly doesn’t come with a lack of talent though. Germán Tivani recently came 4th in a stage of the Baby Giro and Spaniard José Daniel Viejo is one of the most hopeful sprinting prospects of his country. Mihail Mihaylov will try to build up on his first experiences made in Sibiu with the Bulgarian National Team last year. The team is completed by Sergio Vega, Riccardo Cenghialta and Dilmurodjon Siddikov.

#damico D'Amico Utensilnord
The Italian team comes to the race for the third time in a row, and with Parrinello and Ciavatta in in the top 10 in 2015 and Nicola Genovese in 2016, they can look back on two successful editions.
This year the team has gone through a bit of a change though, and with neither Ettore Carlini, Angelo Raffaele, Nicolas Samparisi, Fabio Tommassini, or Angelo Vitiello having completed more than one full season in professional cycling so far, most riders will aim to gain experience and finish as high up the order as possible, as Tommassini recently did with his 7th place in the Ronde de l’Oise.
On their side they will have former Colnago and Liquigas rider Federico Canuti, who has completed multiple Grand Tours and came 5th in a sprint stage of the 2010 Giro d’Italia. It’s the first year back in Europe for “Kaiser Canuti”, as he is known to his fans, after having raced the US National Calendar since 2014 but he is never to be underestimated.

#tusnad Tușnad Cycling Team
The Romanian Continental Team has taken part in every Sibiu Cycling Tour so far – and so has veteran and 2008 Paralympic silver medalist Carol Eduard Novak. He is also in the race this year again and thereby the only rider to participate in all seven editions. For his home race he will be joined by his 18-year old countryman Péter László, the Russian Leonid Krasnov and the three Argentinians Facundo Lezica, Hugo Velazquez and Rubén Ramos.
Velazquez has recently won a selected bunch sprint in the Tour de Serbia while Ramos is their man for the climbs. Tușnad’s best hope for a stage victory could be Krasnov though who used to be one of the best sprinters in the ProContinental scene between 2012 and 2014.

#monkey Monkey Town Continental Team
Formerly known as Parkhotel Valkenburg, the Monkey Town Continental Team returns to Sibiu under a new name. The Dutch were second in the team classification last year but only Joris Blokker is left from the 2016 line-up.
This year the team around Bram Nolten, Rick van Breda and Ivar Slik is more likely to show its strength in the lowland than in the mountains. For the two 18 year old newcomers Mel van der Veekens and Gijs Meijer it will be the first race on this level.

#gm GM Europa Ovini
The Italian team GM Europa Ovini is about to start the Sibiu Cycling Tour for the third time in a row, but this time with a significantly strengthened squad compared to past years. Antonino Parrinello has finished very high up the order in stages as well as general classifications of the race several times. Between 2013 and 2015 he has always finished in the top-3 in at least one of the stages and with his good climbing and sprinting skills a stage victory is well overdue.
Marco Tizza and Davide Pacchiardo will support him on the climbs or potentially try to join breakaways and Andrea Ruscetta will have his eyes on doing the work during the flatter stages.
Two interesting prospects are the twins Leonardo and Francesco Canepa who are regarded as some of the most talented climbers in Italy. But as they just turned 20 a couple of days ago, results may be considered secondary to gaining experience at this level of racing.

#differdange Team Differdange - Losch
Team Differdange-Losch has participated in every edition of the Sibiu Cycling Tour, and so they will in 2017. The Hungarian champion Krisztián Lovassy is also a veteran of the race and has previously finished well on the final stage.
With Jelle Donders they have a quick sprinter while Tom Thill and Gabriel Reguero have shown their ability in the mountains over the past years. Maxim Rusnac rounds up the team which will be let by the new Moldavian signing Cristian Raileanu. He did an impressive showing as a stagiare for ProContinental team Southeast last season and with his recent 4th place in the Tour of Bihor and 7th in the Tour de Hongrie he proved that he is getting in shape on time to fight for a top position in the Sibiu Cycling Tour as well.

#adria Adria Mobil
Adria Mobil won the Sibiu Tour in 2014 with Radoslav Rogina, and although Rogina is not on their roster for the 2017 race, the Slovenian Continental team will return to Romania with ambitions. The experienced rouleur Gregor Gazvoda has celebrated victories all over the world over the past decade and will lead a team of young riders, eager to step up into the cycling spotlight.
Gašper Katrašnik, Gorazd Per, Andrea Borso, Žiga Horvat and Žiga Grošelj are all under 23 of age but have all indicated their potential in various Slovenian races over the past year and especially Katrašnik is someone to watch out for when it comes to a sprint finish from a smaller group.

#illuminate Team Illuminate
Team Illuminate is the first ever American Continental team to come to Sibiu and with Edwin Avila they line up a former Colombian champion and two-time World Champion on track, who is strong on every terrain and aims to add up on his three victories already this season.
Simon Pellaud is no stranger to high level racing as well, looking back on two years in the World Tour with the IAM Cycling team. He is a versatile rider and many fans will remember him from his brave Vuelta a España solo breakaway attempt last year. Those two will be allied by Griffin Easter, Brad Neagos, Cameron Piper and Nate King, who signed for the team just a week ago. All of them are relatively new to racing in Europe, but especially Piper has already indicated that he is a strong time trialist and may have an eye on a good result in the prologue.

#roskilde Team Giant - Castelli
This Danish team contains some of the most talented Danish riders with good results from their junior years, including the 2016 juniors' world time trial champion Jakob Egholm. The 2.3 km prologue may not be entirely to his liking, though. Mathias Norsgaard and Rasmus Byriel Iversen are also still very young and finding their feet on the elite level. 24-year old Aske Vorre is the team's oldest rider, nonetheless he and Emil Vinjebo already have several years of experience on the Continental circuit. Nicklas Overgaard Pedersen has a good season this year with a number of good results in 1.2 races.

#hurom Team Hurom
The newly established all-Polish squad Team Hurom will give their debut in the Sibiu Cycling Tour this year. Emanuel Piaskowy already did the race in 2016 for the Cycling Academy Team and finished in a strong 14th place overall. Going by his results so far his season and his good shape proved by coming third in the Polish national championships the other week, he should be the team’s best hope for a good result.
On his side he will have the experienced rouleur Bartłomiej Matysiak, looking back on a long career with the CCC team, and his former Cycing Academy team mates Bartosz Warchoł and Wojciech Migdał. For all of them it will be the first participation in the Sibiu Cycling Tour, which also applies for Wojciech Franczak. Konrad Tomasiak is no stranger to the race though, already having participated in the first edition in 2011. He came 3rd in the 4.4 km time trial back then and among his best results is a prologue win in the 2015 Dookola Mazowsza, so he is likely to aim for a strong showing tonight.

#roth Roth - Akros
Roth - Akros is a Continental team with the primary objective to promote Swiss cycling talents, coming to Romania for the very first time. With Colin Stüssi they bring a young climber who just returns from France where he finished 5th in the Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc, eyeing nothing less than stepping up the order in Sibiu now.
And as most riders from Switzerland, also Roland Thalmann, Valentin Baillifard and Mathias Reutimann have their abilities when it’s going uphill. For 19-year old Damian Lüscher it will be a good opportunity to gain experience and Lukas Jaun will have an eye on the sprint stages.

#duklabb Dukla Banská Bystrica
Same as in recent years, Patrik Tybor will lead the Dukla Banská Bystrica team. He comes to the race in good shape, having just finished both the Tour de Slovaquie and the Tour de Hongrie high up the order. With the 4th place in the 2015 prologue and his 14th overall in the general classification in mind – despite having crashed on the decisive stage that year – the Slovakian team can hope for more in 2017.
He will be supported by former Sibiu Cycling Tour stage winner Martin Haring who celebrated the biggest win of his career in Bâlea Lac 2012 while this edition will mark the debut for Martin Vlcák, Jan Andrej Cully, Samuel Oros and Juraj Bellan.

#teamro Romanian National Team
The Romanian national federation fields a selection of six Romanians not riding for other teams in the race, led by Eduard Grosu, reigning Romanian time trial champion and holder of the yellow leader’s jersey during the 2015 edition of the Sibiu Cycling Tour. Over the past two years Grosu was close to taking a stage several times and – although just returning from an injury break – with his powerful sprint and good time trialing skills he will be eager to finally get his maiden win on home soil in either the prologue or one of the flatter stages.
On his side he will have two-time National Champion Marius Petrache and the young riders Vlad-Nicolae Dobre, Emil Dima, Valentin Pleșea and Leonard Barbu.

#bikeaid Bike Aid
Bike Aid is a Continental Team registered in Germany and racing all over the world with the aim to support promising cyclists from Africa, coming to Romania for the third year in a row.
Tour du Cameroun winner Nikodemus Holler has already achieved two Top 10 placings in Sibiu in 2016, Sprinter Meron Teshome is a multiple Tour of Eritrea stage winner and with the two Kenyans Suleiman Kangangi and Salim Kipkemboi and the Dutch Adne van Engelen the team can aim to be competitive on every terrain.

#christina Christina Jewelry - KUMA
Romanian rider Daniel Crista leads this Danish team who return to Sibiu after their first participation last year. Crista was very active in that edition, won the blue sprint jersey, and persuaded the team to give him a contract. Defending the blue jersey is one objective of the team, but Crista may also try to win the red jersey for the best Romanian rider.
Jonas Nordkroggaard was part of last year's peloton while Mathias Lindberg Mortensen, Christian Lindquist, Marcus Bønlykke, and Mads Corell are new to Romania and the race.
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