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Re: [2.HC] Tour of Utah
« on: July 25, 2017, 23:10 »
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Normally I would have said that since only Rally and Jelly Belly were at California, this race would now become the major target of the year for Axeon and Holowesko, but will they view the Colorado Classic (which will have those missing WT teams) as the bigger fish now?

I just took a look at the Colorado Classic course. Gag me. Typical American stage race design from 1970. Boring. Really boring. Maybe all the WT teams should regard this like the Euro post GT crits - as a necessary PR thing - but not real important for anything else. OTH, Tour of Utah has had consistently good courses over the years.

I usually watch Tour of Utah on Tour Tracker - or on recorded download later in the day.
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