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Hello to all
I have to buy a new pair of cycling shoes, unfortunately I have very wide feet and poor foot circulation, so I need wide and well-ventilated shoes with a lot of volume in toe box.
I've DMT R1 (44), but it's very very hot, the ventilation system lack's (but the heel fit it’s good) ....
Also I've Sidi Genius 5 Mega, more volume on the toe box, more ventilation, but closing system it's not the best and the upper is not very soft and aging is further hardened.
Reading here and there it seems to me that the Lake CX237, Bont Vaypor + and maybe S-Works S6 might be my case.
Unfortunately, these shoes are not in the shops in my area and I should buy them online.
Since this shoes are very expensive, before making a wrong purchase, I'd like to have your little help.
Is there any owner of these shoes, size 44.5 wide or similar?
I would like to ask them a courtesy, could you make the shape of the insole?
With some reference to the measurements in inch or cm? (See example).
I would be useful to understand if the shoes in question can fit my feet.
I would also appreciate a few comments on ventilation / breathability and space in the toe box and any problems encountered with these shoes.

Many thanks in advance.

PS: In the attached image you can see the shape of the DMT R1 insole (size 44), which are a bit narrow at metatarsus and very narrow and poor volume in the toe box.

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