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Re: PostNord Danmark Rundt
« on: September 13, 2017, 15:46 »
Story of stage 2

The riders set off in horrible conditions.

1 . The race was shortened by 15km cutting out a potentially dangerous bridge crossing

2. The conditions worsened and the race was neutralised at Rantzausminde. The plan wa sfor the  riders would continue to the feed zone at Faaborg at 40km/hr where the race would be resumed - a distance of 30km.

3. During this neutralised part you could sense the riders were not happy, many at their own cars or the race directors. The conditions worsened and suddenly, under shelter of the trees. the peloton stopped and within seconds the race was cancelled.

The following is from Jesper Worre from the DR live ticker

Jesper Worre reports that Morten Bennekou, sports director of Team Sunweb and representative of sports directors in the field, call him up. Bennekou has a proposal that he has discussed with the other sports directors. Jesper Worre also explains that the weather was not for cycling. It was very windy and a necessary decision to neutralize the race at Rantzausminde.
He presents the proposal for Jesper Worre, who assumes that the race will be neutralized to the feeding zone in Faaborg. Here the riders should keep a speed of 40 km / h, so the riders should not get cold. According to Jesper Worre, Morten Bennekou spoke to the chief commissioner about this. Therefore, this is reported on the Radio Tour. This starts, according to Worre, a discussion club among the riders.
The rider's man [I assume he means representative] today was Michael Valgren, who according to Worre is exposed to a lot of pressure by some riders in the field. Then the riders stop and the chief commissioner tells Jesper Worre that he and Jesper Worre can not force the riders to drive.

At one point it is the riders, according to race director Jesper Worre, who do not want to continue.  " My hope was what I continued to say on the radio that we could fight the riders for catering in Faaborg, where we would drive more with the wind from behind. 

That was also Morten Bennekous's conclusion." Let's look at it again and if we can, then we cycle race from there to Odense ""

Can't have been an easy decision. It was horrible weather that worsened on route, but the wind direction was due to change also. From a race director's point of view you are damned if you do, damned if you don't. To me the issue was the was the long neutralisation period, though I can't see a way they could have avoided that on the fly. No doubt there will be more said on the subject.

Here's some  #direct Thomas Boudat in the wind

One other issue of note.  #cofidis Nacer Bouhanni abandoned due to illness early in the stage - could he be allowed back in? official report
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