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Re: PostNord Danmark Rundt
« on: September 13, 2017, 17:48 »
Can't have been an easy decision. It was horrible weather that worsened on route, but the wind direction was due to change also. From a race director's point of view you are damned if you do, damned if you don't. To me the issue was the was the long neutralisation period, though I can't see a way they could have avoided that on the fly. No doubt there will be more said on the subject.
It was the right decision to cancel.
What could have been done better: Cancel the stage at Rantzausminde instead of forcing the riders through a long and pointless neutralisation that they understandably enough weren't happy about. Bennekou talked to the sports directors who agreed to the neutralisation - but apparently nobody asked the riders.

I understand why they were reluctant to cancel the stage and wanted to give it another try from Faaborg - cutting one stage from a 5-day race is a big deal. But it would have been better if they had communicated with the riders (Valgren as representative plus a few other big names - Degenkolb, Reihs, Napolitano, Mortensen) before making the decision to neutralise the race for almost 30 km. They'd have told them right away that once you stop a race in these conditions, the riders won't be starting again.

But overall, this is a small thing: They did all the big things right.
Cancelling the loop on Tåsinge (which included crossing a high bridge twice in storm conditions), neutralising the race when they sensed it became unsafe, and in the end listening to the riders' wishes for a total cancellation.

Not only that Lukas, but they're buried away in a section called publicity caravan and not with the stage descriptions.
I can't find them on the website even now that I know where to look ... :slow
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