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Re: Froome's legend status
« on: September 21, 2017, 10:03 »
It's hard to untangle his 'greatness' from the fact that he is very difficult to warm to, on and off the bike. Even for most Brits I think there's a lack of emotional engagement that there was with Wiggins, Simpson way back when, or even Thomas if he could stay upright for longer than a week.

To finish in the top 2 in a GT 9 times in 7 years is some going and I don't think his record in non-GTs is inferior to Contador's.

Froome's big problem with regard to monuments and the Giro is that he is clearly a warm weather rider, it's not just the fact that the Giro can be run in miserable weather, it's the fact that all the warm up races would be too.

If I was his agent, I'd want him to concentrate on TdFs rather than Giros. One more TdF makes him one of the all time greats, two more puts him a level above. Collecting the set of GTs puts him on an obscure list no-one but the geekiest cycling fans would even care about. Not being his agent and being one of the geekiest of cycling fans, I'd like to see him attempt the Giro.
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