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Re: Froome's legend status
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:03 »
The calendars and teams are run so different these days, science backing and understanding is at a whole new level, I try not to compare them like for like, as I don't quite consider it the same sport any longer. Apple pies and oranges gels.

MV: I'm fairly sure that Hinault did a Giro TdF double with less than 3 weeks in-between, and that was on the back of the Belgian Ardennes Classics and PR, in which he did great too. Before the Vuelta moved to its current slot, when all 3 GTs where held back to back, there was not much space between them, with the Vuelta usually starting straight after the Belgian Classics on top. What you call 'April' for the Vuelta was often a late April start with a mid-May finish. Giro middle May ending early in June. TdF often starting late June ending in mid July. Three 3-week GTs in the space of four months. The latter two usually over -what- 9 or 10 weeks.

I think Hinault knows all about back-to-back with no real recovery, tbh, arguably more than Froome. With the Vuelta wedged up front, Giros and Tours (his more usual double) were as back to back then as the TdF Vuelta now, if not more, and when he did them back to back, he won them back to back. And on top of One Day Classics which he rode to win (and did).

Not wanting to take anything way from Froome, I rank his double as high as it comes. But Hinault's doubles (3? and it would have been 1 more if not for a dodge knee making Zoutemelk not just the eternal #2), they were certainly not done under easier circumstances, as you suggest. Unless I seriously misremember.

Correct on the old Vuelta-Giro doubles. When Merckx won in 1973 he finished the Vuelta in San Sebastian on the 13th of May and was on the line for the start of the Giro (in Belgium) on the 18th. Battaglin finished his Vuelta on the 10th of May and started his Giro on the 13th! Mind boggling.
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