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Re: Froome's legend status
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:05 »
Greatness - or "legend status" - comes less from the boxes that you tick and much more from how you tick them.

For that reason, as an example before moving to the Froome question, I would never put Indurain in a "legend" category for his GT wins - since they were boring and largely based off TT dominance. (We will leave the question of their chemical basis for another thread.)

Froome's riding lacks excitement. So much is based off putting the train on the front and grinding down the opposition before a late burst ... or even a wheel suck across the line apart from that pre-ordained, pre-calculated, "DS in the earpiece" controlled burst. And again, the dreaded "let's win it in the TT" formula plays large.

His apparent mental frailty also prevents him being a legend in my mind. True legends don't freak out when things go wrong like he does. They take adversity as extra fuel for their fire and push on harder and harder.

Froome's riding is not legendary ... It's the cycling equivalent of gray ... of being managed by an accountant. It is winning by penny pinching rather than winning by enterprise.

Before anyone says it - yes, I know that this is the now standard model for GT victory. All that means is that we are in a generation devoid of - or certainly lacking in - legends.

Being a legend in any field is dependent on having that special something that sets your actions - much more than your results - apart from the herd.

Froome doesn't have that.

He is just the guy at the front of the herd.
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