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Re: Froome's legend status
« on: June 01, 2018, 03:15 »
Froome's palmares is definitely fast approaching legend status. He is the best stage racer I can remember - more consistent than even Contador at his best. Four Tour wins is incredible, the Tour-Vuelta double unprecedented in modern cycling. Add to that his wins in races such as the Dauphiné and Romandie, plus being amongst the top time triallists in the world, and you have a stage racing palmares that is better than anyone's in the current peloton.

And yet I would never call Froome a legendary cyclist. He is just too dull, his wins too dependent on the incredible strength of his team, and the range of his wins too narrow. A legend of the sport needs to inspire. The only performances I can remember on the top of my head that could be called inspirational were his performance in the echelons and that downhill attack at the 2016 Tour.

Then again, the status of legend is fickle. Cavendish is probably the best sprinter of all time, Martin one of the great time triallists - yet much like Froome, neither is a legend. Cancellara and Boonen, on the other hand, are definitely in legend territory.

So I suppose it's all so subjective, it's basically pointless discussing it. Still fun though.
I'll give good odds that any thoughts of legend status are fading.

Unless its an application to join the Armstrong club.

I still neither trust, nor like, Froome. But I do have to admit his palmares are up there now. Whether I like it or not. My prior statement, quoted above, is not yet dead, but is looking less likely. I have to think Froome and Sky believe themselves when they say they think there will be no penalty for the salbutamol finding. And not that they believe it because they know the fix is in, IMO they believe it because they believe they are right and doing it legal.

One had to admit, Froome keeps coming back and visibly showing he has learned from past lessons. Formigal begets stage 19. And stage 19, unless we have a real adverse finding, has to go down into all-time performance histories. It wasn't ALL Froome - whoever was calling the strategy called it right. But Froome reaped the rewards, as he has all along, and now it's in the record books.
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