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Re: Froome's legend status
« Reply #30 on: June 01, 2018, 22:07 »
Now that sounds fun. Tell us some more. I like a good story and I don't want to look that up. :P

 All to do with the affair. Definitely a no no in those days. Sent the Vatican into a state of apoplexy. The Pope said that the hand of God would come and strike Coppi down,  Goddet obviously thought the Pope was referring to him. :D
At one world champs, she pinched Alfredo Binda's room, as it was next to her man's room. The team boss declared her persona non grata.
 Punishment for adultery in Italy at the time was a year in prison for the woman. Men were considered less culpable. The local police occasionally raided to try and catch them together in the sack.
The White Lady once spent 4 days in clink and was told she would be released when she agreed to go back to her hubby.
 Fans took to giving them the whistle, wherever they went. It were a right old scandal.

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