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Re: Froome's legend status
« Reply #30 on: June 01, 2018, 22:40 »
I suspect that Froome will be quickly forgotten, regardless of whatever else he might achieve before retirement.

Why? Who can even relate to him? How many kids is he inspiring to get on bikes? His aloof attitude, his horrendous looking form—he could win four more GTs, but he won't be held in high regard fifteen or twenty years from now. He'll be a curiosity, like a strange artifact found unexpectedly and without good explanation. But not a legend.

I tend to see this differently. Speaking for myself, I am probably already too old to judge who will become future legends out of the current crop of racers. Those  legends will be the racers that the kids today learn to know as great ones. When they grow older and get kids they will tell them everything  was better back in the days of Contador, Nibali and - Froome. You asked:  How many kids does he inspire to get on a bike and go cycling - quite a few as far as I can tell.

During the world championship last year,  the local tv station was running around interviewing random young cycling  fans at the roadside as part of the pre-race warm-up. The heroes? "Edvald" "Aleks" and "Fruum!"  The respondents weren't British/South African/Kenyan.  They have seen an athlete only on TV before and now they were here, the kids were super excited. To these cycling fans, as welcome as Messi visiting the local soccer field would be to the soccer fans.

They're in for all sorts of doubt and maybe heartbreak before they establish a mature relationship to their legends, but this is it - the world they grow up in. 20 years on, they decide, but there is no doubt that Froome is a great inspiration for many boys and girls on bikes around here, now. That is at least a start, when it comes to legend status.
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