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Re: Froome's legend status
« Reply #30 on: June 02, 2018, 08:07 »
I think Drummer and Slappers nailed it in these posts. Froome's palmares is top notch, but he lacks that special touch that causes widespread marvel and admiration. He doesn't have the X factor. And for the record, I believe very few are or can become legends. Currently? Maybe Sagan, if he continues at the rate he's going. Nibali has the X factor but he lacks maybe 1 big win - all his GTs were against subpar competition.
I suspect that Froome will be quickly forgotten, regardless of whatever else he might achieve before retirement.

Why? Who can even relate to him? How many kids is he inspiring to get on bikes? His aloof attitude, his horrendous looking form—he could win four more GTs, but he won't be held in high regard fifteen or twenty years from now. He'll be a curiosity, like a strange artifact found unexpectedly and without good explanation. But not a legend.
In my humble view a legend isn't marked by something specific, it's marked by his or her charisma, style and panache, they way they win, the way they ride; in short everything about them, not a palmares.

Based on the fact that there is so much smoke and mirrors around his entire career I doubt many, other than  the die hard Sky fans will ever consider him a legend, i'd put Wiggo in that category well before Froome.

Legends are the riders you talk about long after their careers are over, sadly I try to forget Team Sky exist every day....
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