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Re: Collective CQ Team 2018
« on: November 14, 2017, 14:09 »
There's a few categories I would change and a few I think that wouldn't be that missed if we could think of a decent alternative.

• Rename "The Sex Symbol" back to it's original title "The Pretty Boy"

Some picks had quite limited fields to select from so I would amend them slightly.

• Lose the East Asian bit from the Sponsor's Pick (or lose this category entirely)
• The Scandi instead of The Dane
• Not that many brothers in cycling, so I would extend it to "The Family Connection" ie. someone who's brother/sister/parent/grandparent is (or was) seriously involved in cycling

Ones we could lose if we had to? Mascot, Clown and the three specialists (America, France and Italy)?

New Categories?

• "Who?" Ideally someone you have never heard of before, but more realistically someone you might have heard of but couldn't tell us anything about
• "Close, But No Cigar" A rider who came very close to victory in 2017 multiple times, but couldn't get to the top step ie. someone from this list
• "Belgian Continental Dominator" ie. the next Baptiste Planckaert or Timothy Dupont (and rides for a Belgian CT team obv)
• "Sleeping With The Enemy" A rider from a team you don't like
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