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Re: 2018 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: January 04, 2018, 19:56 »
Okay, I spent a few hours on the spreadsheet and the popularity tab should be finished, as well as all the individual pages for teams. Here is the link.

The spreadsheet isn't finished yet, but it has the basics to look at all the teams and popularity of riders. Note that the "Popularity Table" tab doesn't have a current summary - there is an example table there from a couple of years ago (I use a template every year to collect teams) but fiddled around with the pivot table and couldn't get it to work in the few minutes I had. If someone is interested in doing that work and posting the updated spreadsheet here, feel free, otherwise I'll do it after the weekend.

Also note that all the links in the first Rankings page go to the current teams, but if you just tab through the team tabs there will be some empty teams - again, this is because I used a template which has tabs for past teams in case they come back (it's handy to have it already there). I'll clean that up before the updates come out, but didn't have time now and just wanna get this info out because I know it's fun to peruse.

It looks like we have 129 teams this year - I have 128 on my list, so I must have missed one when I was keeping track as they came in. That's great, right on par with last year. We had 28 teams leave this year, which is a pretty good retention rate, although some of the names that left have been with us for a long time. We had 19 new teams, and a handful of returnees who have played before but not last year. There were 32 teams signed up through VeloRooms and 97 through cyclingnews.

That's it for me today - good luck everyone! It's lovely to see that this game continues to have robust participation and appreciation. Thanks for playing all.
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