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Re: 2018 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: January 07, 2018, 19:15 »
I'm glad I missed no obvious picks, those I did not chose I did for one reason or another. I somewhat regret that I overlooked Haddi Soufiane and Bol Cees, but they are not popular.

A few words about my team:

ALAPHILIPPE Julian   1011   59   
If he stays healthy and uninjured and rides a full season he might double his points. Can also be a contender at the Worlds and I like him.

MOSCON Gianni   864 21
Massive talent, with Froome hopefully gone he should get more freedom in stage races and I guess he will lead Sky at the Classics with Van Baarle. Being at Sky he might even finish high at the Worlds.

THEUNS Edward   645   8
I like him, he might double his points. I'm not really convinced though, I chose him over Cort as the latter was injured and Theuns will probably better fit in at Sunweb than Cort at Astana.

LOPEZ MORENO Miguel Angel   629   101   
No brainer.

CHAVES RUBIO Jhoan Esteban   505   107   
Can score high in 2 GTs and the Worlds.

ANDERSEN Søren Kragh   478   33   
After a very good season this can be his breakout year. Bit risky though.

GAUDU David   352   61
Massive talent, can double his points or stagnate this season.

CAVENDISH Mark   257   115
Even on a downward slope he should at least double his points.

DE PLUS Laurens   239   17
Chose him over Mas, probably not the best choice but he's got talent and should improve his score.

COQUARD Bryan   220   110   
No brainer, I hope he's motivated for the french races.

VLIEGEN Loïc   179   7   
I believed in him last year, I believe in him this year even more.

WÜRTZ SCHMIDT Mads   160   7
After a good first year at WT I expect a better second year.

RIVERA SERRANO Kevin   155   10
I hope he continues where Bernal left.

HALVORSEN Kristoffer   151   60
Should get his chances as Skys No. 1 sprinter.

SIVAKOV Pavel   142   23   
He's talented, I hope he gets a similar race program than Hart last year. Might probably also ride le Tour de l'Avenir.

PLANCKAERT Edward   121   3
Chose him over Capiot as I didn't know if the latter is healthy again. Should improve his scores but I fear a healthy Capiot has a higher ceiling this year.

NARVAEZ PRADO Jhonatan Manuel   120   12
Talented climber in a team with few climbers but not sure if he's a great pick.

JAKOBSEN Fabio   118   28
Quickstep knows how to develop a sprinter, should get his chances in smaller races.

FERNANDEZ ANDUJAR Ruben   115   42
After a bad year he can only be better and he is at Movistar so there's always the chance to score 400+ now that the Herrada brothers and Gorke are gone. Was my last pick as I'm not really convinced in him but he should do well in the TDU.

RODRIGUEZ MARTIN Cristian   106   6 ARANBURU DEBA Alex   76   1
They should do well at Caja.

NIZZOLO Giacomo   66   111
No brainer.

PADUN Mark   73   9
Talented and he might get his chances.

KANGERT Tanel   58   86
He's solid and good for 300-500 points.

DE BIE Sean   57   49
Plenty of points in smaller Belgium races.

MCNULTY Brandon   35   13
Talented rider who missed the beginning of last years season. Might also score in the Tour de l'Avenir.

BILLE Gaëtan   35   10   
Should do well at Conti level.

COSTA Adrien   27   38
If he's motivated he should be the man to beat at the Tour de l'Avenir. Too great a talent to miss for his cost.

MOSER Moreno   25   57   
He's cheap, in a contract year he might score.

KÖNIG Leopold   10   99
He's young enough for a solid comeback.

LEKNESSUND Andreas   0   1   
More exciting to cheer for a youngster than hoping for Intxausti to finish a WT race.

ENGER Sondre Holst   0   64
Hoping for 100 points.
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