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Re: 2018 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: January 07, 2018, 21:12 »
Celano will obviously score 1000+ :P

Who is Celano?

I didn't pick either Intxausti or Craddock. I had Craddock twice before and like someone else said, I've lost faith. Maybe he'll improve on his score; maybe he won't. Just not confident at all so I passed. Strongly considered Intxausti until I saw an interview a few weeks ago from which it sounded like he didn't really feel there was an end in sight. Of course he's 0 points so can't go wrong, but he does take up a spot.

Exactly my thoughts.

My picks :


I like that you again went for a more unique team. Especially like your Whitehouse pick.

I had De Bie in my team for a long while, but the brouhaha at Verandas about bikes etc just put me off enough to swap him for Capiot. I think they have changed bike manufacturers anyway, however Nuyens is obviously still there and there seemed to be trouble brewing between him and a few of the riders.

I had no idea there's still trouble in the team. I still think he's a good pick. Missing Capiot most likely will hurt though.
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