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Re: 2018 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: January 09, 2018, 06:45 »
Update #1: Newcomer takes early lead in Australian Summer

CQ Manager Christmas has come and passed, everyone has showed off their presents and looked at everyone else's. Now it's time to get down to CQ Manager New Year, when the points are thin and the possibilities are high! With only the Aussie and New Zealand national TT and RR results, the first week is always a question of 'who picked the most guys that were actually racing and scored points'? This year, the winners were Hamish Bond (TT) and Jason Christie (RR) in New Zealand, both of whom were on zero teams; Rohan Dennis (Aussie TT) was on 4 teams, and Alex Edmonson (Aussie RR) was on 6 teams. So - not a ton of scoring. There were 8 teams that scored at least 100 points (ie. two non-Edmondson teams), and 50 teams that scored at least something.

Top 10 (of the week and overall, obviously)

Rank   Team   Points
1   Jon_Ezeitza   180
2   l'velo   140
3   sodak_za   132
4   Blues in the bottle   120
5   Jakob747   116
6   Maaaaaaaarten   112
7   Eric10   100
7   the asian   100
9   CQmanager   90
10   Poles & Co.   72

It's a newcomer to the game, velorooms applicant Jon Ezeitza (interesting fact - the only application I've ever received written in Spanish) who takes the first lead of the year! On top of Edmondson, their team had unique pick (and 2nd place finisher) Jay McCarthy, and 20 points from Miles Scotson for good measure. Second place l'velo rode on the backs of Edmondson and Ewan, and third place sodak_za was the top team without Edmondson, spreading the scoring around with Dennis, Ewan, Durbridge and Bennett.

As you may guess, Green Jersey points are in the same order, so the overall update is really the only necessary one this week. Next week, unless there are some players in the game who score points in Tachira, there won't be an update, although I certainly will provide one if anyone scores. Then, the floodgates will start opening with Bongo, TdU, San Juan, rolling into the European season, the Middle East races, the February warmup races in southern Europe, Het Volk, Paris-Nice, etc etc. Time to discuss our teams some more and pore over provisional start lists, my favourite time of year.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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