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Re: 2018 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #150 on: September 07, 2018, 00:37 »
Update #34: Shawn with the wind

Another sort of transition week with the Vuelta stages in play and a few .HC races, but not much more, the median score wasn't too high, but there was still some pretty high scores at the top.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Shawnm4747   598
2   trackstand   484
3   Total Package   453
4   Hakkie2   435
5   NairoQ   431

With very few points available outside of the Vuelta stages, the fact that Pascal Ackermann continued his unfathomably good season by winning both 1.HC races this weekend - netting 280 points - was a big boon to the 6 teams that continue to reap the benefits of owning him. Having Ackermann was a necessary but not sufficient condition for winning the week. Shawnm4747 takes the week on the back of those points, but also with over 100 points from Sagan, who now leads the CQ year rankings. Other decent points from Senechal, Van Poppel and Nizzolo help guide their team to first this week. trackstand scores a (distant) second place with points from Acerkmann, DvP, Nizzolo and a smattering from Ion Izagirre and Consonni, while Total Package nabs third from mostly some of the names above.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Shawnm4747   (+14)
2   NairoQ   (+13)
3   WKA311   (+6)
3   Total Package   (+6)
3   Kryvo   (+6)
3   Hakkie2   (+6)

Shawnm4747 wins this one again, although it's much closer to second place this time. NairoQ moves up a solid 13 spots in the overall, with of course Ackermann leading the way, and even 10 points from namesake Nairo Q. Third place is a four way tie.

This Month's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this Month
1   trackstand   2042
2   comodoro   2010
3   archieboy   2008
4   kabete   1995
5   Akuryo   1859

It was a tight month at the top (and of course it's not a perfect 'month', ending a few days into September), but the surging trackstand takes top spot, moving ahead of the competition with a great final week. I know a team had around 2000 points in a single week earlier this year, so August was maybe not the biggest month, but those totals are very helpful in this game nonetheless. Let's take a look at trackstand's biggest scorers: Ackermann was by far the biggest (415 points!), but there were a number of other good performances in Alaphilippe (220), MA Lopez (195), Carthy (189), Nizzolo finally getting back on track (152), and Formolo, Izagirre, Terpstra, Consonni, DvP and even Ed Planckaert scoring over 70 for the month. comodoro comes oh so close but has to be content with just a great month, without even help from Ackermann - just solid months all around from great rare picks like Sepp Kuss, Ivan Sosa, Jan-Willem Van Schip, Ben Hermans, Dylan Van Baarle and Alvaro Hodeg. If it wasn't for some unfortunate seasons from high-priced picks Felline and Meintjes, their team would certainly be up there in the overall, as that's an impressive set of picks! archieboy also comes very close but ends up third on the month, with a big performance from unique pick Matej Mohoric (429!), as well as being the other team with Kuss and the only team with David de la Cruz (120).

This Month's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Akuryo   (+23)
2   comodoro   (+21)
2   WKA311   (+21)
4   Blues in the bottle   (+17)
4   Hakkie2   (+17)

A different leader here, with Akuryo having a consistent enough month to leap 23 spots in the rankings. Their team gets big points by being one of the only two to pick Kwiatkowski (who scored 509 in August), and one of 8 to pick Max Schachmann (259). comodoro is bridesmaid here again, tied with WKA311.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total   
1   archieboy   221   
2   Squire   220   
3   greenedge   179   
4   ChrisDK   173   
5   Kryvo   167

After some upheval last week, these rankings are a little more quiet, with Kryvo scoring 20 points to move into the top 5 overall (although more than a week's win away from top spot) but little movement elsewhere up top.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   ruvu75   12888
2   (-)   Squire   12750
3   (-)   TheArt   12588
4   (+1)   trackstand   11978
5   (-1)   Gigs_98   11836
6   (-)   PeterB   11439
7   (-)   Manafana   11300
8   (-)   greenedge   11297
9   (+4)   Bicycle_Boy   11263
10   (-1)   LosBrolin   11256

Things are pretty stable in terms of places at the top of the table, and indeed the top 3 were only separated by 11 points on the week (Squire had the best week at 155 points), but the stratification at the top masks trackstand's steady move up the table. Despite scoring over 3-400 points more on the week than most teams in the top 10, trackstand only moves up 1 spot, and has a large gap to the podium. Bicycle Boy leaps back into the top 10 at the expense of Eyeballs Out, but that is with 209 points on the week - the rest of the top 10 scored between 72 and 162 on the week, so the movements weren't too big. This week is the Canadian races and more Vuelta, so we shall see what will happen.

spreadsheet at dropbox
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