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Re: 2018 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #150 on: September 18, 2018, 18:22 »
Update #36: Vuelta fray clarifies the frontrunners

Well, it's a GT GC week, so the CQ game was ripe to have some bombs go off. As well, there were a few 1.1 and HC races, and must-have Julian Alaphilippe somehow wrangled another 150 or so points out of Slovakia of all places. This isn't quite the highest scoring week of all time in this game, but it's not far off, with 54(!!) teams scoring over 1000 points for the week.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   zlev11   1782
2   AlyKaptan   1779
3   fauniera   1626
4   Valv.Piti   1545
5   Maaaaaaaarten   1501

And with all those points, the race for the top is decided by only 3! zlev11 scores the narrow victory, which wouldn't have happened without being one of the four teams to pick Simon Yates. With 677 points on the week to get to a monstrous 2261 on the season, Yates leads the charge for zlev11's team. Oh wait, you say their team also has the rest of the podium? Enric Mas and Miguel Angel Lopez were both picked quite a bit more than Yates, but the podium combo is extremely valuable to have, accounting for 1521 points alone between them this week, which would get a team in the top 5 for the week. zlev11 was put over the top by the stage win of rare pick Jelle Wallays, as well as solid GC points from the more-anonymous Formolo and Brambilla. AlyKaptan also had an incredible week but came up just short, having the entire podium plus Brambilla as well, but a few less points from a supporting cast that included Cristian Rodriguez, Nizzolo, and the other Yates who got 21 points. Last year's winner fauniera leads the non-Yatesers for the week, having the other two on the podium, and the bold combo of Valverde and Alaphilippe.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   AlyKaptan   (+24)
2   zlev11   (+21)
3   Amis_Velo   (+16)
4   Kjellus   (+14)
4   Leadbelly   (+14)
4   Vesica   (+14)

Even on this monumental points week, the moves up and down the standings are rather muted, due to the lateness of the season. The top 2 from the previous ranking switch places here, and Amis_Velo slips into third (despite being 24th on points for the week!), jumping 16 spots on the back of contributions from Lopez, Mas, Quintana, and a bunch of riders that got around 40 points like Cras, Van Poppel, or Manzin.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Squire   240
2   archieboy   221
3   Eric10   214
4   greenedge   203
5   zlev11   186

It is a very new-look top 5 this week. Let's start at the top - Squire reclaims the pole position after being down 1 point to archieboy, getting 20 points for 6th place on the week. archieboy doesn't score any this week, but Eric10 scores 17 to leapfrog greenedge into the top 3. Weekly winner zlev11 uses those 45 points, meanwhile, to stake a claim in the top 5 overall as well. The top four teams are within a weekly win away from the top spot, but few opportunities are remaining in the year.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   ruvu75   14790
2   (-)   Squire   14605
3   (-)   TheArt   13908
4   (-)   trackstand   13575
5   (-)   Gigs_98   13542
6   (+4)   Eyeballs Out   12965
7   (-)   LosBrolin   12960
8   (+5)   Total Package   12924
9   (+5)   Wallenquist   12880
10   (+2)   Manafana   12834

At first glance one might be inclined to think there wasn't much that came of this big week due to the lack of place swapping in the top 5, but that doesn't tell the whole story, as point differences amongst some contenders were quite pronounced. ruvu75 and Squire are locked in a battle at the top, and both kept it up this week, finishing tied for 7th and in sole position of 6th on the week, respectively. Squire gained 23 points, outscoring ruvu 1416 to 1393, which is a relatively minuscule difference but keeps things close enough that something like, say, a good Michael Woods performance in the Worlds could vault team Squire into top spot. The same can't be said for TheArt, who has doggedly been keeping pace with the top 2 until this week, as they scored a normally good 897 points and ended up 68th on the week, but losing 500 points in a week to their two rivals feels like a knockout blow. None of the rest of the top 10 outscored ruvu or Squire, effectively making this overall a two horse race. There are some impressive leaps in the bottom half of the top 10, with Total Package, Wallenquist and Manafana jumping in, while PeterB, kabete and greenedge fall out.

spreadsheet at dropbox
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