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Re: 2018 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #150 on: November 07, 2018, 22:46 »
Update #42: Green Jersey flips at the last of it

CQ has released their November 4th update, which includes the 1.HC Tour of Hainan that took place over the last two weeks. Somewhat surprisingly for this late in the game, 89 teams scored at least some points this week, although nobody scored very many. It wasn't enough to affect the overall standings, but it was certainly enough to change things up in the minor competitions. And, of course, probably the last chance for one's name in lights as a weekly leader.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   AupaPyama   116
2   Nicosix   113
3   karaev   66
3   fauniera   66
5   Eric10   63
5   search   63

A narrow win for AupaPyama this week - although I suppose it was bound to be narrow with low totals. How does one get 116 points so late in the game, one might ask? Well, take a rare rider (Raymond Kreder, 2 teams) on a small team going to a race in Asia with tons of potential sprint stages, and you'll get some placing points (65 on the week). Take a more popular rider (Andrea Guardini, 66 teams) in a similar situation and sprinkle that on (43 points). Then take a sort of popular rider who has sort of been a bust that nobody who owned him probably even knew he was racing (Vincenzo Albanese, 50 teams) and put his meagre tally as a garnish (5 points). You may have guessed by this point that Nicosix was the other team with Kreder, and so this recipe thus far has been followed by both teams at the top. But you know how you win the week, the cherry on top? Be one of the 4 teams with a rare and not that great sprinter (Brenton Jones) who manages a 4th place somewhere along the line to pick up 3 points to put you over the top. And that's how you win in November! And how do you get third, as karaev and fauniera have managed? Well it's Guardini and Albanese again, but with a hint of Imerio Cima (18 points, 4 teams). Your name in (the fading, end-of-season) lights!

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Nicosix   (+3)
2   karaev   (+2)
2   scrooll07   (+2)
2   JSpear   (+2)
2   torcia_86   (+2)

Well, at least we had a clear winner, as there was loads of potential for ties. Nicosix moves up an enormous 3 places on the board, which is actually when you think about it pretty good for 100ish points on the last week of the season. There's a 4-way tie for second, and an 18-way tie for third with a bunch of teams moving up one spot.

October's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this Month
1   trackstand   1439
2   Hugo Koblet   1349
3   nuvolablu   1301
4   GP Blanco   1290
5   karaev   1288

If you are a careful reader of these updates, you likely noticed that trackstand had a meteoric rise in the late season to land the third podium spot in the last big update. It should be no surprise that their team leads this ranking, with a robust 1439 points cobbled together from a bunch of Italian one-day races including Lombardia, a few second-tier WT races in Turkey and China, and scattered other October offerings. Let's go through trackstand's greatest hits list - the biggest #1 smash (and I'm not talking about his fist to other riders' faces) is Gianni Moscon, who bounced back from his, ah, troubles to score 321 points in October; beyond that are three high-charting singles in Pascal Ackermann (185 more to his already impressive year), Rob Power (145 to end a solid if quiet year), and Ion Izagirre with 100 more to move over 1100 for the year. Guys like Lopez, Terpstra, Kennaugh and Van Poppel all contributed over 75 points. Hugo Koblet had a nice end to the season too, even more top-heavy with Moscon, Max Walscheid (203 points) and Fabio Jakobsen (161) as the riders over 100 points for the month. nuvolablu finishes a solid third, with Moscon and Power and lots of little points from a bunch of guys.

October's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Hugo Koblet   (+13)
1   nuvolablu   (+13)
3   Vesica   (+12)
4   Hakkie2   (+11)
5   LaFlorecita   (+10)
5   Roubaix   (+10)
5   18-Valve. (pithy)   (+10)
5   Eric10   (+10)
5   karaev   (+10)

Papa Hugo (because he founded this game; okay Hugo, sorry I'll never call you that again) and nuvolablu tie for top spot on this chart, and of course being the end of the season the standings are stratified so the moves aren't the largest ever. Points winner trackstand was already in the top 10 and had nowhere to move, so their team doesn't appear here and instead Vesica sneaks onto the podium on this ranking (highest-scoring pick that hasn't been mentioned already: Florian Senechal with 132 on the month).

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Eric10   245
2   Squire   240
3   archieboy   221
4   Kryvo   213
5   Geraint Too Fast   212
6   greenedge   203
7   fauniera   193
7   ruvu75   193
9   Giallo   192
10   zlev11   186

Squire, I'm sorry. Already a bridesmaid in the overall standings, Squire relinquishes the lead in this competition at the last. Eric10 gets 21 points in a tie for 5th place, which is enough to overhaul Squire for the lead in this competition, as their team was already in 2nd in the rankings. Lower down in the top 10, last year's overall winner fauniera (28 points this week) moves into a tie for 7th with this year's overall winner ruvu75 (1 point this week in a huge tie for 10th on the week), and Giallo scores 15 to hop into the top 10.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   ruvu75   16513
2   (-)   Squire   16099
3   (-)   trackstand   15832
4   (-)   TheArt   15615
5   (-)   MADRAZO   14697
6   (-)   Gigs_98   14624
7   (-)   kabete   14556
8   (-)   Total Package   14344
9   (-)   GP Blanco   14339
10   (-)   Hakkie2   14177

There is no movement in this ranking, so take a snapshot of this as your almost-certainly final standings. A couple of spots were switched in the top 20, but the top 10 stays solid. There is officially one more update that counts with the 2.1 Tour of Fuzhou, which I will dutifully post if it provides any points, but the participating teams are obscure and it's entirely possible that no one in this game scores any points. So that's pretty much it! Remember to come back around for next year's game when it's time to submit teams around New Years! Interestingly, it looks like the Aussie roads are before the TTs next year, so the new game will start the day before the road race on January 5th.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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