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Re: 2018-20 Emerging Riders CQ game
« on: February 01, 2018, 17:52 »
The January effect
There is always a bit of a January races effect in this game, and although I didn't keep a strict record, there were some definite shifts in emphasis.

Hodeg and Ganna were both fairly popular even before the San Juan race, although Ganna did increase his proportion of teams and prompted a couple of swaps. Najar, not surprisingly, was not in any teams until he had a guaranteed 142 points.  Even if he does nothing else for 3 years, he would probably not be the lowest scoring rider on most teams.

Madouas looked like he was going to be a unique pick until he got a flurry of support after La Marseillaise, and although most entries came in long after the Vuelta a Tachira, Sosa received several late selections and overhauled Rivera who had been well ahead of him on picks.

Some riders became more or less relatively popular even without having raced in January.  McNulty became popular from a very low start, Riabushenko was popular, but always behind Jakobsen and Narvaez until the last day or two, and Eg was ahead of everyone for most of January, but not as fancied in the late rush.

Kicking yourself or gloating
Bjerg is the rider I am most annoyed at myself for missing: not sure how I let him slip under my radar.  Who is your facepalm rider?

And who is an absolute banker for being successful in the course of the three years (let's define that as definitely over 1000 points over the three years: that should assure him of being one of the best possible 18)?

Have another go?
Last year Albanese was almost universally selected, this year he is on just over half the teams.  Should a rider (any rider, not just Albanese) be considered a failure who lacks the potential he was thought to have if he is still eligible a year later; or is it a great opportunity to harvest year 4 scores for a rider who would probably have been good enough  just on the basis of his first three senior years?  And likewise, is it worth passing over a rider in the hope that you will be able to select him next year?

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